Thursday, December 11, 2008

"My Friend, Darwin!"

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December 11, 2008

“My friend, Darwin!”

Darwin and I have been friends for a very long time, for longer than thirty years. He was a very happy single man for the longest time until he ran into a beautiful Thai schoolteacher and they fell in love and married.
They now have two sons, one still in diapers, and travel between Hong Kong, Thailand and Canada. Pretty good for a prairie town boy from Saskatchewan, home of the 1955 World Curling Champions, Garnet and Gorden Campbell. (Remember the Campbell’s from Avonlea and all the folklore associated with them?)
Darwin loves the lake, and when you are at Emma Lake in Saskatchewan this summer make sure you pop in to see him, and he will offer you a hammer and tools to get to work on his forever project, the Cabin.
Darwin runs Asia for us, and is the President of Redev Asia. He is a great guy and a very good friend. A former stockbroker, he believed me when I told him real estate investment was the way to go, so he left his job and started investing in cash flowing real estate and now can afford to travel and enjoy his life.
He has a great office in Hong Kong, so if you are not at the Lake, stop in Hong Kong and ask him to show you around, He will.
His job is to convince the Asians that Canada is a great place to invest in. With Darwin setting the example of what Canadians are like, hardworking, honest and capable, and then explaining that with all our natural resources God has blessed our land, Canada is not a hard sell. (Sometimes I think he should pay me for all having fun at what he does!) He couldn’t do what he is doing if he doesn’t believe and invest with us as a partner in our projects. You can always see a picture of him at
Darwin is 54, and he is set up so his babies don’t have to worry when he is 74…….he tells me that it is never too early to start and invest early in his products. After all he does!
See you at home at Christmas Darwin, and kisses to the kids! Let Mui know that I look forward to some of her good old fashion Thai cooking next time I see her!!

Richard Crenian

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