Friday, December 12, 2008

"John's Legacy!"

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December 12, 2008

“John’s Legacy!”

I was talking to my friend’s son John yesterday. John was a good friend of mine from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, an athlete who left Saskatchewan with an Engineering degree, and moved on, finally settling in Calgary.

John loved to developed malls, all sorts of malls.

I met him in the 1980’s and we hooked up to form a partnership to develop, lease and own small shopping malls in Regina, Saskatchewan. We did very well with them and when I decided to sell them to John (a mistake on my part, to sell cash flow assets), John carried on his build and hold program.

John loved country music and one day he bought me a tape for my car, of an unknown singer I did not hear of before. He loved her voice and her songs. I listened to that Shania Twain tape I am sure, till I wore it out and bought another.

We hooked up again in 2002 and I bought a great shopping centre from him in North East Calgary and worked hard on increasing the cash flow and value of that mall.
Although John sold that mall to me, he still had others that he held.

Unfortunately on a November day, John passed and left his three children; two are in the business, and are doing very well.

John in his love for his work left cash flowing assets to his children and they are thankful indeed that the assets are cash flowing and providing them with a good stable income.
Isn’t that what we want to do for your family when you pass? I know I do!

I miss your laugh John!

Richard Crenian

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