Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"Is it Christmas Already?"

Richard Crenian Blogs
December 23, 2008

“Is it Christmas Already?”

Where did the time go?
Is it almost Christmas already? Didn’t we already have that five minutes ago?
The year flew by, and when you look back do you see a crazy year in the economy or are we thankful for our health and our families?
After all those crazy things we did in our teens, 20’s and 30’s aren’t we glad that we are still around?
I tell my younger friends that the time is now to save, go without, and look towards the future, so that as they age gracefully they can enjoy all their fruits of their labor.
You may not need the cash flow and appreciation of your assets in your thirties but you certainly need them as you get past that. The average Canadian’s life is 83, yet most only work till they are 65.
Take Howard, he will live to 120 I am sure. He still works because he loves it, loves the action and keeps him out of trouble. The years fly by and he keeps looking and feeling younger and younger. He invested right and now he is enjoying the fruits of his labor!
Phone him and ask him how he does it!! 403-630-4544, meanwhile enjoy your family!!

Richard Crenian

Attached is a former blog of mine!

Richard Crenian Blogs
November 28, 2008

“Come Grow Old Along With Me!”

When we married and as we age, we promised our wives and kids, the lines from the following Robert Browning Poem, “Come grow old along with me, the Best is Yet to be!”

So how are we doing so far…..? Kids are good, partner is good and the health is good.

How is your financial health doing? You worked hard and you are ready to retire or you are retired now what?

I always talk and write about Howard, because I have known him for the past 31 years and have used him as my mentor. He worked so hard all his life, and he has had more fun than anyone I know. A good golfer, Howard lives life to the fullest!
A good family man and a good friend, he is always there with a smile and a hand. At 64, he has been married for over 40 years, and has more energy than any 20 year old that I know.

He only works because he loves the buzz and the action. His comment to me is to me is, “What else do I want to do? You can only golf so much!”

His plan was always through smart investing, avoiding the get rich quick schemes, and always cash flow investing. He loves good quality commercial real estate as it is a steady source of income for him to continue enjoying his life.

If he can live right so should we. “The Best is Yet to BE!”

PS Howard loves a good joke, and a is big prankster!

Richard Crenian

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