Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"Howard Manley" by Richard Crenian

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May 3, 2009

“My Partner Howard!”

You all know that my business partner, Howard Manley, is a Saskatchewan native born and bred; He was born in a little town called Midale, just outside of Weyburn, in the South Eastern part of the province. Howard is a great guy- let me tell you how.

I always stress family and It is unbelievable to me that Pat, his wife and Howard are now married for 43 years!! That is a long time. He has three adult children and three grandchildren which he never stops talking about. The two older grand kids, are both boys, and Howard refers to them as his boys.

His little baby granddaughter, is referred to as “my little girl!” You could not have anyone as proud of his kids and grandkids as Grandpa Howard.

Howard and I go back since December 1976. That is a long time! He is my mentor and was my big brother that I never had. He was the most hardworking guy, yet full of fun and spirit in everyway. Leon, who works with us, another great guy, grew up with Howard in Midale. How small is this world. Leon would like to believe that he is retired, (no you are not Leon) and was another guy that worked hard all his life.

These two gentlemen are the picture of what a dictionary call hard work, honesty and caring people I know. Why, they still call their wives Ma’am! (Ok so I am only kidding about that part!) Respectful and full of ethics, their have great families and enjoy life to the fullest. Aren’t those men successful in their own right? Call Howard and ask him what his philosophy to a good life is……? Call him at 1-866-668-7344. He would be happy to share.

Richard Crenian

"Instant Success!" by Richard Crenian

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May 5, 2009

“Instant Success”

It is always unusual when people look at other people who are successful are call them Instant Successes! I am always amazed by this quick rush to judgment.

My definition of instant success is “Years of Hard Work and Tears of Experience!”
We know how hard it is for us and long it takes to be successful.

What is success….ahhh that is another definition.

To me a success is a person that is a good and kind human being. Nothing short of that.
Everyone that you read about always associates people with money as successful. They could be the biggest donkeys, but because they have what other people define as money they are great guys.

Not true. I would rather hang with guys that are black and white, and tell it like it is than jerks that think that their pooh poohs don’t stink even though they do! Who would you like to hang out with? Who would you like your kids to be friends with?
It is so great to see my friends that are salt of the earth, and good human beings. Their families are the same with good intent and based on loving, hardwork ethics that will survive them the test of time.

Howard my partner has taught me lots. He is that kind of person. He is hard working, a great family man, and been fortunate in business. He believes, like me in the slow and steady safety of investment, so that his kids and family can be taken of. Call Howard and ask him how he does it. 866-668-7344.

Richard Crenian

Sunday, May 3, 2009

"Garnet and Gordon Campbell" by Richard Crenian

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May 3, 2009

“Garnet and Gordon Campbell-Canadian Heroes”

Canadian Men’s Brier Curling Champions, 1955.

Lloyd Campbell (lead), Donald Campbell (third), Glen Campbell (second), Garnet Campbell, (skip).

Amazing story, it was famed that Garnet and his brothers, learned their trade in a barn frozen likened to an ice rink. We shall keep that folklore alive I am sure.

Garnet and Gordon farmed together in the Avonlea area, Saskatchewan and Brother Lloyd farmed just west of Regina.

Garnet’s and Gordon’s father started that farm just south of Avonlea, Gordon still lives on the same site.

Garnet’s wife Daverne and Garnet are both doing well.
Garnet may be close to 80 these days. He and young and only wife Daverne, are doing well these days with kids, Vern in Calgary, married with kids and their daughter Cassandra, is busy with her Hair Styling shop in California!

Garnet and Daverne spend six months in a suburb NW Phoenix, during the winter escaping the cold weather of Saskatchewan.

Lloyd I heard has had 2 hip replacements and still a good golfer.

I was always impressed with this family. Such hard working, soil of the earth people who were long on honesty, integrity and represented the spirit of Canada as it always should be. I have been blessed to have had them enter my life and bestow upon me their goodness and laughter.

Hardwork, good fun, good humor and a great family. Shouldn’t they be recognized as heroes?

Howard my partner is also part of this group. He works hard for his money, and enjoys his life. Howard has a ton of stories. Ask him. 403-630-4544.

Richard Crenian

Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Canadian Heroes!" by Richard Crenian

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Apr. 30, 09

“A Canadian Hero!”

Too often we hear about heroes and what they accomplished in business.

We have heroes like Obama too, the most likely NOT to be President, and here he is 100 days later.

What about the Canadians?

Having going to high school in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, it would only seem fitting to call the Canadian Farmer Canadian Heroes.

Hardy, hardworking, honest and unwilling to call defeat, the Canadian Farmer has suffered much and only lately been given an opportunity to earn some monies.

Here is what they faced when they first came to Canada to toil the land:
“For many immigrants, life on the Prairies was more akin to a nightmare than a dream — a point underscored in the final section of the exhibition. When homesteaders first arrived, their "farms" usually consisted of virgin prairie, a survey stake and a swarm of mosquitoes. Once the land was broken, the bountiful crops promised in the advertisements were sometimes devoured by insects, ruined by frost or shrivelled by drought. Some immigrants faced discrimination and venomous insults; two newspapers quoted in the exhibition labelled immigrants as "the scum of other lands" or even "the refuse of civilization".
With the outbreak of the Great War in 1914, about 80,000 immigrants were declared "enemy aliens" under the War Measures Act and over 5,000 were sent to internment camps. The Golden Age of Prairie settlement had come to an end.
Chronologically, Acres of Dreams ends with the Great Depression — a supreme test of the settlers' mettle and ingenuity. Objects featured like a quilt fashioned from uniforms discarded by a baseball team in Moose Jaw or a violin made from packing crates and harness supplies illustrate the resourcefulness of settlers during this testing period of Canadian history.” http://www.civilization.ca/cmc/exhibitions/cmc/acres/acrese.shtml
At the end of the story their second and third generations made it. Families and farmland, the heartland of Canada. I am proud of those that I know, so many of them. Howard is a good farm boy from Midale (near Weyburn), Saskatchewan. He knows the value of a buck. Ask him how he invests…..403-630-4544.
Richard Crenian

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"The Smell of A New Car Interior!" by Richard Crenian

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April 28, 2009

“The Smell of the New Car Interior!”

If you have been lucky enough to buy or lease a new car, you know what I mean. There is never quite like the smell of a new car interior.

When I was a kid, Uncle Mike and I used to work on older cars, and I was lucky enough to have owned some pretty hot cars, but none more than $400.00.
I had to borrow the money for that first car, but that beautiful 1966 Olds Cutlass was a beaut!

Although it was written off, (only a fender), the motor and and interior still looked good. While all the kids were partying, Uncle Mike and I worked on that beast, and bought used body parts to bring it up to sniff! Then a $99 Maaco paint job made that car smoked (car terminology for looking good)!!
So proud was I that I sold the beast for $600 and couldn’t believe that I made a profit from all that hard work!! The profit was small, after all expenses, but I was making $1.75 an hour so fifty dollars was like a billion to me.

Too bad that the majors didn’t take a lesson from a young boy. Instead of making a billion they are losing billions.
It really is sad.

Chrysler and why just a few months ago Kirk Kerkorian was trying to buy Ford. (See my previous blog below.) I guess as we retire, we need to make sure we have safe and secure investments. We used to say “ as strong as GM.”
That is no longer. Howard and his family grew up in Saskatchewan. They have been through the dirty thirties, He believes in slow and steady wins the race. Ask him what he does for investments? 403-630 4544.

Richard Crenian

Richard Crenian Blogs
January 8th -09

“Kirk what were ye thinking?”

I was reading about Kirk Kerkorian, the investor that made his billions in real estate in southern Nevada. His story is great and it’s always nice to read about someone that can overcome adversity and does it all himself. Not bad for a guy that didn’t speak English until he started school. Today he is rated at 41st richest man in the US although the new rankings haven’t come out yet.


Today he is 91 years old and still has all the fire in the world to spirit him along.

So what has happened to Kirk as he is supposed to retire and enjoy all the fruits of his labor and his life? At 91 I hope to have his fire and drive but I would know better than to risk my money at 91.

Here is what happened.

Kirk decides he is going to buy shares of Ford. “Kerkorian's stake in Ford peaked in June, when he owned 6.49 percent after paying $1 billion at an average share price of $7.10. He began scaling back his ownership in October, selling shares at an average price of $2.43 each, according to regulatory filings. That marked a loss of about two-thirds of his investment, or roughly $650 million.” (from the Huffington Post).

Kirk when I am 91, I am going golfing with Howard and investing in cash flow real estate where you made your money first!! What’s the matter with you? What were ye thinking??

Richard Crenian

"What, Me Worry, Again?" by Richard Crenian

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“What I Worry About!”
April 27, 2009

I really worry what happens when this market does turn around. Does that mean you will have forgotten all about your worries and pains, and start investing in mutual funds, equities and in the stock markets?
How did you end off before the famous crash took a bunch of your money (and mine) down with it? Why is it at the end of the RRSP season the mutual fund industry did so well?
Did we forget? Someone gave them their money? I was reading today that the China market is starting to warm up to IPO’s and I cannot for the life understand that.
Me, or I don’t worry about the ups and downs of the real estate market. I just worry about cash flow. You will drive yourself totally crazy if you think of what values are day to day.
Is your investment safe and secure? Are you getting cash or can get cash flow from your projects?
Even though in commercial real estate you get tenants in and out, so long as long term you are out of the woods. Real estate commercial cash flow investing is for people with a long term view. If you want heart attack, intensity and full out action go for the stock market. If you want peace and quiet, check out Howard at 4036304544. He doesn’t care what happens. He’s happy with all of our investments and some do well some could do better, but so what he says? He doesn’t have to worry about the long term. He is patient and knows that his money is safe.
Isn’t that the type of investments you want?
PS Just read that financier Danny Pang just ripped off investors to the tune of 4 Billion dollars! Another Ponzi.
Call Howard, no worries!

Richard Crenian

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"And the Headlines Read....Mutual Funds Gain!" by Richard Crenian

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April 15, 2009

And the Headlines Read….Mutual Funds Gain….”

From the Globe and Mail……

Thinkingman FromCanada from Canada writes: During rrsp season my wife saw an ad for mutual funds. She said 'How can they be advertising after they lost so much money for people'. I never have and never will buy mutual funds. Too many crooks in the stock market. Now we have the evidence of this.
With empathy. Kevin.

Donald Duck from richmond, bc, Canada writes:
Yeah right !! See u in another 5 years when another scoundrel like Bernie Madoff steps in and wipes the slate clean.

The author, Shirley Won in the Globe and Mail today wrote, “the RRSP season ended on an upbeat note for the Canadian fund industry as investors plowed $3.4-billion into its investments amid the worst market turmoil in decades.”

What do you think?
Kevin’s wife is pretty smart. You lose 38% and you still put your money in.
What will it take for you to believe that there are other ways to be safe and secure?

It is unbelievable how many people get sucked in by slick promotion gimmicks etc. What’s that about. I say the slicker the presentation the higher the chance you will lose. So who knows?

Howard my partner knows, Call him at 4036304544. If you want black or white, you don’t have to go far. Speak to him.

Richard Crenian

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"Hey Alberta, we are moving in!" by Richard Crenian

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April 7, 2009

“Hey Alberta, Ontario is Moving In!” by Richard Crenian

Hey guys, move over cuz we are moving in! Ok so we know your oil is at $50 bucks, that’s ok.

Did you hear what is happening to us here? We are going to get our PST taxed on everything including our puppies. Yep you heard right. Our services, even our used houses if I buy yours will be subject to PST.

To you Albertans who don’t know what PST is because you don’t have one, it is the Provincial Sales Tax. So when you pay your GST at 5%, just add 8 per cent more for the PST and now viola, you are paying 13 per cent for everything now in Ontario! (That is what the 2009 Ontario budget is suggesting.)

So get ready for us Alberta, cuz your poor cousin from out East is going to start a calling!!

What does that mean for you?? We are going to buy your houses, cars, buy groceries and eat in your restaurants; in fact, we will be adding money to your economy.

Oh if I were 17 again I would learn to sing and dance, act and goof around. Myley Cirrus is worth One Billion Dollars to Disney! Me? Disney knows my credit card and I am worth what my limit is when I visit Disney World………..

Howard? He’s worth a lot to his wife. Who else takes the garbage out, cleans the dishes and cooks? He has the time……(Howard we are just having fun with you!!)

His cash flow investments are working for him. Howard we miss you! When are you coming home? That golfing in Tucson is tiring you out!! Call Howard and bug him, will you? (Ask him if he can sing or dance!) Maybe he will give you an investment tip or two! 4036304544.

Richard Crenian

Thursday, April 2, 2009

"The New Asian Thinking?" by Richard Crenian

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April 2-09
“The New Asian Thinking?”
Our Business Partner in Asia, Darwin Forer, who is from Avonlea, Saskatchewan (Home of the world famous 1955 curling champions, The Campbell Brothers), has been living in Asia in what seems to be forever.
He and his wife live in Hong Kong, with their two young ones. Mui, Darwin’s wife is from Thailand and the nicest lady you would want to meet.
Recently Darwin emailed me about what the South East Asians are investing in and what they invested in previously..........
“- Tree farming the buzz this quarter.
-Former "oil pods" manager (it collapsed as was a ponzi scheme) is now selling Vietnam property that appears to be cheap to S.E. Asians who seem to forget it is still communist there.
- Salespeople helping “friends" sell houses located in another country
I attended the SMART property expo today; of course Land Banking companies selling, but mostly resort property around Asia, also now Cayman Island land banking. And several motivational speakers, self help etc and several running around selling weight loss programs.”
It is amazing for me to see, when the S.E. Asians, one of the smartest and most intellectual people in the world, with such a keen sense of business acumen, can fall prey to greedy and unscrupulous promoters and hucksters. Their aggressive thinking and “the chase for big returns” may skew their thinking.
Yet, Asian Government Pensions Plans invest with a long view in mind.
Howard my Canadian partner lives right. He says to enjoy the investment he plays by these rules…….1. Does it provide cash flow? 2. Is it safe and stable? And 3. Is it operated by knowledgeable people? If the answer is yes he does it.
In his younger days did he go for riskier deals? Yes! Has he been burned? Yes.
He says he is too old to lose any money these days. Besides he says that it is for his kids and grandkids! He just needs a little money to eat and buy gas!
Call him in Tucson, he’s still golfing!! 4036304544.

Richard Crenian

Monday, March 23, 2009

"Turn Off that TV and Start Living! Updated...." by Richard Crenian

Richard Crenian blogs
March 23, 2009

“Turn off that TV, and start living!!” Updated…..!!

Here is a blog I wrote on October 24-08……………and here is what I added since Oct 24th…….

What has happened since then:
1. Dow Jones close on that day (Oct 24th 2008) was 8378, (DJ was 7775 at today’s close Mar 23-09!)
2. Obama wasn’t President
3. We thought that 8378 DJ was the end of the world!!

So read up below!

Oct 24th, 2008
So you are listening to that doom and gloom and all that recessionary-speak has put you in a depression!

So what do you do?

Turn off that TV and start living!!

We live in a great country, where people care for each other, our social system is great, and guess what, every day above ground is a great day!

Ok so your land deals are going to take twenty years to get out of, (ok, so the kids will get to live it up!), your condo and apartment deals will take a while to get back to where it should be and your home price is probably still worth more than what you paid for it..!
Your cash flow investments will still be going well, the values of those investments haven’t gone down, and if you were lucky enough to have bought in Alberta your rents are still going up!

Look around there are many opportunities along the way. Open your eyes and look for them, they are there.

So like my partner Howard says, “Why so glum, chum?” Phone me and I will tell you a joke or two, 4036304544!!

Go for a walk, enjoy the fresh air and be glad we can walk, and breathe!

Have that TV turned to the sports channel or anything but the news! Stay tuned!!!

By Richard Crenian

Thursday, March 19, 2009

"It's Vegas, Baby ! (Update!)' by Richard Crenian

It’s Vegas, Baby (Update)

By Richard Crenian
March 19, 2009

Richard Crenian writes the best of………written in September 08, confirming what we already know, that the stock market is a jungle of hucksters and promoters. In the end our boring and safe strategy went out the window with greed. Finally we speak about my partner Howard is believes still and then that slow and steady wins the race!
You can call Howard anytime in Tucson on his Calgary number at 4036304544.

Read on McDuff!! See below.

September 29, 2008

I have been to Las Vegas, but I don’t gamble. I tried. I lost a hundred dollars and it made me sick. That was about 25 years ago. I couldn’t stand that I had lost the money so foolishly and in about twenty minutes. I worked hard for that hundred dollars and wanted to stretch it to enjoy it. I didn’t. I have not gambled since.

When my friends were investing in the stock markets, and making money in mutuals, I was happy for them. Why they asked didn’t I invest in them?
For me it was easy……. “Vegas, Baby”.

My rule was not to gamble unless it was a sure thing. A sure thing is tangible and I have control. Logic and common sense is how I like to invest, not on emotion.

A hurricane happens, and the oil prices go up. The wind blows the wrong way and a stock goes down. Russia looks at China the wrong way and the stocks go down. The USA has a banking crisis and………….?

Gold up one day, down the next. Currency up one day, down the next.
What happens when you turn 65 and want to cash in your chips? Is something, somewhere in world affecting your ability to draw your hard earn money out? Then what?

If you have the stomach for this, I applaud you.
I don’t.
I refuse to gamble with my future.

Will I have to work till I am 80? It is worrisome.

Me? Stick with my cash flowing products, stay above inflation, worry less and enjoy life more. Let the winds blow from where they may as it doesn’t affect my investment decisions.

When you buddies lament about how their portfolios are not doing well, smile, nod and think, “It’s Vegas, Baby!” And be glad you aren’t there!

Richard Crenian

Monday, March 16, 2009

"Promises, Promises!" Richard Crenian Blogs

Richard Crenian Blogs


“Promises, Promises!”

The next time someone promises you a an offer of a “guaranteed rate of return” on your money, and it is more than 8 per cent, head for the hills!!

That is a scam…………Really who offers more than 8 per cent guaranteed these days?

1. scammers
2. ponzi artirts
3. and fraudsters!!

You would think we know this for a fact now. But if greed is good, today greed WAS good. Imagine that!

When has anyone ever thought you could make a big score with your money and that indeed you need not earn your money the old fashion way, by hard work? Who would have thunk (sic) it?

Government bailouts what a joke! How has it helped you? Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds and the Stock Markets are described best by Jimmy Buffet (of Margarita fame), “Can't you feel them circling, honey? Can't you feel them swimming around? You got fins to the left, fins to the right, And you're the only bait in town!”

How you would ever put your money in with those gamblers and hucksters ever? Till the day you die? God help you if you do……

Jon Stewart (of the Daily Show )interviewed, “Mad Money Kramer” of the CNBC show…….I love it! He asked Kramer (graduate of Harvard) where he ever thought he could have recommended Bears Sterns just before it hit the dust??
Someone has to be accountable!


Be more like Howard, plan, don’t be greedy, start slow and secure and at the end the tortoise always wins the race. And Howard? He’s golfing having a nice time in Tucson. Phone him and ask him what he’s shooting these days? 403 630 4544!

Richard Crenian

Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Condos-The New Reality!" by Richard Crenian

Richard Crenian Blogs

Condo Projects-The New Reality

March 10, 2009

If you punch in Google News and go to a search of “The Donald” you will find that it has been bad for a year in condos.

I am not picking on him but just saying that he whole game plan is to sell off his name (that is smart) take all the credit (smart) and when the you know what hits the fan, he claims ignorance.

One thing he does is he promotes endlessly, claims to know all, and when the market is good he is the hero. What when it goes bad?

The Baja project that he sold the license fees for his name , investors have lost 32 million, his Chicago project he stands to lose 70 million or more, and his daughter who works for him is promoting Panama.

Panama, home of the overbuilding, empty suites that many unknown foreign speaking “out of towners” came to buy real estate with suitcases of cash.

I am not picking on him. Just saying that when the residential real estate market is going well, promoters make the money, and when the market falls, promoters fail.

Look at Howard my partner. Slow and steady, safe and secure are his mottos. He believes there aren’t get rich quick schemes without huge risk and if you invest slow but sure, with cash flow appreciating real estate, you would be ok and getting a nice return on your money.

The promoters promote. Howard invests slowly but surely and is steadfast that cash is King and cash flow lasts longer. Don’t try and sell him what’s “too go to be true!”
He doesn’t believe you. Phone him but don’t tell him he’s smart, you knows that, just bug him about his golf game. 403-630-4544. Donald, are you listening………?

Richard Crenian

Ps Below are some links and articles about the Donald you might find interesting.


“New York entrepreneur Donald J. Trump's planned 526-suit Trump Ocean Resort Baja - 30 minutes south of Downtown San Diego - is nothing but a deep hole in the ground today.

The condo-hotel project in North Baja, Mexico, could not obtain financing from a German bank to start construction.

Investors who had rushed to plunk down 30 percent deposits on suites priced from $300,000 to $3 million, are out their money.

Trump Entertainment Resorts Inc., through a Mexican entity, PB Impulsores, informed investors there were no funds to refund deposits totaling $32.2 million.

Trump Entertainment Resorts maintains a clause in the buyers' contracts gave the developer a right to spend their deposits.

Several lawsuits have already been filed in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Trump Baja condos went on sale in October 2006. S&P Destination Properties sold 188 units for a total $122 million on the first day of the sale. “

And from the Chicago Tribune…..


“Trump and Deutsche filed suits against each other in November. Trump first sued Deutsche and other lenders in New York State Supreme Court in Queens, seeking to excuse a repayment of more than $330 million due Nov. 7 and extend the $640 million construction loan for an unspecified amount of time. In the suit, Trump claimed that the global economic crisis was a "once-in-a-lifetime credit tsunami" affecting his ability to sell units at the Tower and repay the loan. He also sought $3 billion in damages.

Deutsche then filed its lawsuit in New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan, claiming Trump personally owed the bank $40 million after defaulting on the loan.

Several issues need to be resolved. Among them is Trump's assertion that the minimum selling prices of the units, set in 2005 during the market's zenith, are no longer realistic and Deutsche needs to agree to lower them. Some of the building's earliest buyers are marketing units for resale at prices substantially below the prices at which Trump can sell units.

Also to be negotiated is a maturity date on the $640 million construction loan and a price by which Trump could fulfill his desire to buy unsold hotel condo units in that portion of the project. In November, Trump offered $96.6 million for those units but he acknowledged Tuesday the market has changed dramatically since his initial offer last fall.”

Lastly from the

“Ivanka Trump, daughter of US real estate mogul Donald Trump and executive vice president of development and acquisitions for the Trump Organization, has good things to say about Panama. The 70-story Panama City Trump Ocean Club is scheduled to open in 2010 with a combination of condominiums, a hotel, restaurants, retail stores and a casino, and Miss Trump was promoting the project and the country in a recent interview with Latin Business Chronicle.

“I have projects all over the world [and] have a unique sense of the global real estate climate and submarkets,” she said in a recent interview. “With great conviction, Panama is one of the strongest, if not the strongest real estate market. Our biggest problem is not having enough inventory.”

Panama is a popular property destination for international investors for a number of reasons, and has been named by several leading publications and sources as a hotspot for 2009. It is predicted to be one of the better performing Latin American real estate markets in what is seen as a difficult year ahead. Panama offers tax incentives for developers and buyers, and Miss Trump notes that the government is very supportive of developers: “I’m impressed by their forward thinking in bringing in new potential investors,” she said.”

Comment from me……….not wanting to be cynical but. “Yeah, right! I am sure the new breed will line up ten people deep…….”

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"The Real Genius!" by Richard Crenian

Richard Crenian Blogs
March 10th , 2009

“The Real Genius” by Richard Crenian

A lot of people ask my business partner, Howard Manley, why and how we pick our shopping centers to buy and operate.

It’s really a simple model, don’t overpay and buy the tenants.

So in a recessionary time what kind of tenants don’t you want, and what do you want?

Don’t want:
Anything associated with the downturn of housing. (It sounds simple doesn’t it?)

For example, Furniture stores is a big No-No, furniture suppliers and anyone associated with appliances, car dealers, manufacturers of large household goods, boat dealers, any association to boat dealer suppliers, pretty what anyone is not buying right now, you don’t want that industry as a tenant.

Medical, Doctors, Professionals, Repair shops (cars, boats, furniture etc), movie theatres (escapism), Ma and Pa day to day daily needs. Stores promoting “green products” are hot these days, post offices, government agencies, in other words that people can make enough money to pay the rent.

Circuit City is now down the tubes, North American car dealers are shutting their doors, so common sense is always the best way to go. Doesn’t that make sense? That’s the real genius, keeping a handle on the market place, and adapting your tenancies to fit the times.

So the genius is to keep things simple and non complex. Life is easy, no. Work hard, invest in cash flow and relax in Arizona. Ask Howard, he’s planned his life that way for forty years to get to where he is. Call him; he will explain it to you. 4036304544. If you get the answering machine, you know he’s golfing!

Richard Crenian

Monday, March 9, 2009

"Land is Dirt, Cash is King!" by Richard Crenian

Richard Crenian Blogs
March 9, 2009

“Land Is Dirt, Cash is King!”

Old story with a new twist.

I ran into someone today that was talking about an accumulation of land “to be ready for development in 2-3 years” in Calgary. I laughed and said it would more than likely be five to seven years at least.

He wanted to know why? There is so much land in Calgary and area “ready for development” that even if his would come on, there would be no one to sell to.
Who would be buying land if the market for residential is not there.

There is a lot of infrastructure to put into place before the land is “ready” and there is also a cost to setting up the infrastructure. Who is going to finance it? How are you going to carry your financing and how are you going to pay for your financing?

Most people I know are keeping their lands as farming or agricultural so that the taxes are lower. Land deals do work so long as you have patience, very good patience and you can withstand the economies of time. However beware when you are not the first man in buying, if you are buying through a promoter then the land price is already inflated.

Howard and I have been in real estate for over 30 years each. What haven’t we seen? Here we are in the twilight of our careers, talking about cash flow, cash flow and cash flow.
Cash Flow is King, Land is Dirt, of course. There is no easy way to make money today, so be smart and go for the flowing of Cash. Howard is still in Tucson, he loves the hot weather and his golf game is looking good. Call him to say hi! 4036304544.

Richard Crenian

Thursday, March 5, 2009

"Ohhh, Aren't You Glad.....!" by Richard Crenian

Richard Crenian Blogs

March 5, 2009

“OHHH…Aren’t You Glad…….”

Yesterday I spoke about the robot Mutual Fund Sales People. They took their product and went forth and sold tons of it.

I wonder what is happening to our insurance companies.

Where did they invest the monies that we gave them?

Why can’t I find what they used the funds for on the internet?

Why isn’t it accessible? Biggest secret going………

Scary thought isn’t it? So we should bury our head in the sand?

Talking about sand, all those scammers that sold you a piece of the action of the land deals to be developed in three to five years are now looking at seven to fifteen years if they are lucky. Your land value……….like they say, Cash is King, Land is Dirt.
If you can’t find your Land Seller or your salesmen to explain what the value of your land is, it should be understandable. How do you say valueless?
Ohhh, those smooth talking sales guys, selling you the pie in the sky and where are they with the truth when you need it the most?

Have you heard this one, “Martha, we are buying into a land deal in Mexico!”
Right, bet it is close to the swamps in Florida. Seriously, have you heard about the travelers warnings to Mexico…….? Advised Not to Go!! (That Land deal in Mexico? Hrmphhh!)

Howard, well he advised all his clients to go into cash flowing product. Slow and Steady he says. Nothing glamorous, boring but safe. Hope you are listening, and you did listen. He was right. Not bad for a hard working boy from Midale, Saskatchewan. He beat all those so called experts, and yes he is still in Arizona soaking up the sun. Call him at 4036304544, and bug him! I do!

Richard Crenian

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"To Market, to Market to Buy" by Richard Crenian

Richard Crenian Blogs

March 3, 2009

“To Market, to Market to Buy ……..!”

Mutual Funds, the fat pig, the one that everyone say to buy. Your friends, neighbors, financial advisors and even your spouse said buy, buy, buy.

Your banker told you to buy. Why, even transfer your retirement funds so you can “get ahead of the curve” and buy anti inflationary mutual funds. “Why,” he would say, it’s the thing to do and everyone is doing it!”

The Pressure was too much and you succumbed, and today you realize that there is no such free ride, and that the markets belong to the gamblers and the con men that have zero conscience.

When you go back to your banker and asks how your statement sits he says, “Are you sure you want to know?” What kinds of losers say that? If you live in the States, your banker may not even be there any longer. Golly, if you can’t even trust your banker whom can you trust?

The good news: BMO (Bank of Montreal) and Scotiabank-other Canadian banks made money. Again no Obama bailouts, no Canadian bailouts, good conservative Canadian banks. What does that say about government bailouts? Do they work?


I am not a huge fan of listening to Rush Limbaugh nor do I enjoy the sound of his voice but when you read his transcripts, it makes sense, of what is happening today.

Howard? I like him. He’s been my mentor and partner for over 30 years……., he’s in Tucson enjoying the weather although he told me that the heat is getting to him. (Of course he would say that, it’s March the 2nd and the windchill feels like minus 30 here!!!)


Howard, bring that warm weather home. We need you to tell your story of how you have invested in cash flow deals even when it wasn’t cool, and that conservative investments were the way to go. PS Keep Cool!! You can reach Howard at 4036304544.

Richard Crenian

Friday, February 27, 2009

"Another Winner!" a blog by Richard Crenian

Richard Crenian Blogs
February 27, 2009

“Another Winner…..!”

It’s like the Oscars in Canada, winning banks, without Obama’s or interfering governments, and now the other big winner announced is the TD Bank with better than earnings results.

The fact that the TD Bank is still making money while allowing for writedowns says a lot for this Canadian Bank.

Sure beats our US counterparts and Citibank……..yikes, or do I call it Obamabank now?
Three cheers for Canada! If we believe that the US operates in a free economy why aren’t we letting the bad US banks go down and the non competing US Auto Industry go the way of the do-do bird? Throwing good money after bad……….? Bottom line, it’s all about the people (see votes) but you know that.

Remember old Bobby Rae, the former NDP Premier of Ontario, that everyone supposedly gave a big majority to, and decided to spend his way out of the economy?
Ohhh, that hurt us so bad, and no one, not one person admitted to voting for him after his mess. I try and stay apolitical, but could this be Obama in a few years?

Howard my partner doesn’t care, he says buy cash flowing good quality retail investments and sit back and watch everyone else shoot themselves in their foot.
He’s worked too long and too hard to watch governments come and go only to screw up a economy. He wants cash flow and the government can do whatever he wants!

We love Canada, and you thought America was the way to go? Never. Howard is golfing today. Ask him what he shot? 403 630 4544.

Richard Crenian

Thursday, February 26, 2009

"And the Winners Are?" a blog by Richard Crenian

Richard Crenian Blogs
February 26, 2009

“And the Winners Are…”

How about those Canadian banks, eh?
CIBC, Royal Bank and National Bank all made a profit in Q1.
Wow!! All these without the help of the Canadian Government….WOW! WOW!
Hats off! (Stick that in you pipe USA!!)

Can you imagine all that hand out monies that went to the US banks and what did they do with that money?……Pay huge bonuses!!

So what do we do with GM and the 13.5 billion that they received?
IS that good money after bad? Maybe we should have spent that money on education, and educating the workers to get ready for other jobs? Let’s see what happens.

So Canada is good, and the USA? They are spending all their hopes on Government Bailouts and Government programs.

So what are we teaching our kids? Work, spend and if you blow it the Government will help you out? Is this right………..? Based on this our kids futures would all be blown by Government. I am sure glad I live in Canada. Thanks for setting that up, God!

And your Pensions, not good if you are an Auto Worker, or if you noticed the Caisse lost 25 per cent of their portfolio, and OMERS lost 8 Billion…….nice……….that’s your pension.

So take care of yourself, invest wisely, buy cash flow products and don’t be greedy, if it is too good to be true it is.

Call Howard and ask him what he does. He is having too much fun in Arizona. Phone is 403 630 4544.

Richard Crenian

PS A buddy of mine was talking to an arrogant US Citibank worker, and reminded the Citibank employee that his boss was OBAMA!! LOL!!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"Of Scammers and Funds!" by Richard Crenian

Richard Crenian Blogs
February 25, 2009

“Of Scammers and Funds” a Blog by Richard Crenian

Great article the other day in the Toronto Star. It stated that Investors want their money back.

They gave their Investment Advisors their retirement monies and those monies went inot mutual funds, and have lost a good portion of their retirement funds (30%) and are considering suing them.

So let me think, you gave your “Investment Advisor” money with the knowledge that it was going into a mutual fund (what I call lay your bet down and hope that you will win) and now since it has gone down you want your money back.
(I feel the same way as there was a lot of pressure to put money in mutual funds and those that have, have since suffered)

The problem is that we didn’t know that the stock market was filled with scammers, promoters who were there to grab your money without any conscience. It was hard to resist in those heady days. (What, only last year?) Then you find out about the Madoffs and the Stanfords (Allen Stanford who calls himself a Texas Billionaire) who ripped off the public for $50 Billion and $8 Billion respectively.

Oh well if you want high returns there are risks, risks that the guys you are dealing with are rip off artists……

Me and Howard, we sweat the small stuff, invest in cash flow proven real estate, and enjoy the slow and steady growth. At least those investments are safe.

I phoned Howard in Tucson yesterday and told him it was snowing in Calgary, and he laughed. Said he didn’t see any snow on the ground in Tucson. Phone him and bug him please, 403 630 4533. He likes to know that he is missed!

Richard Crenian

Friday, February 20, 2009

"How Credit Worked with the US Auto Makers!" by Richard Crenian

Richard Crenian Blogs
February 20, 2009

“How Credit Worked with the US Auto Makers!” by Richard Crenian

So Saab just filed for bankruptcy protection and GM and Chrysler are thinking of doing the same. (GM owns Saab). Saab asked the Swedish Government for the same type of support, and US auto makers and in its wisdom, the Swedish Government said NO!

So how did things get so bad for the automakers?
In a paint by number way I will answer with my views.

1. GM (Put any Auto Maker in here if you like) builds a car, and thinks the market will be great, and builds on an assumption that the market is endless.
2. Auto Maker sells car to its own leasing company to lease guys. When you sell to your leasing company it’s a sale! Wow…magic, just like that! (So if I build a cabinet and sell it to my wife does that make me successful?)
3. Automaker reports sales are up, and profits are up. Stocks go up and everyone is happy. Meanwhile GMAC the buyer needs to lease the cars. If they don’t they are stuck.
4. GMAC runs out of money. It cannot afford to buy cars for lease.
5. GM sales drop naturally and now needs bankruptcy protection.
6. Government steps in to save their business model.

How great is that, when you as an individual screw up does the government bail you out?

Ok so stick with safe and sound investments. The stock market is a legal gambling den for sharks to bury you.

So Howard (my business partner and Mentor) does what? He buys cash producing properties, and makes sure they are in well located and well tenanted areas. Then he retires and golfs. Sounds good to me.

What are the GM auto executives doing? Not golfing for sure, and definitely selling their jets……..

Phone Howard and bug him. He is enjoying the beautiful weather in Tucson and here we are in the frozen north!! Good for him! 403-630-4544.

Richard Crenian

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"Amazing, Yet True!"

Richard Crenian Blogs
February 18, 2009

Amazing Yet True!!

When it’s too good to be true it usually is. We had Madoff and his 50 BILLION dollar ponzi scam, now an Allen Stafford…….he looks like a lousy crook with only 8 Billion dollar ripoff compared to Madoff’s 50 Billion!

Amazing yet true!

You know folks, when the deals look too good to be true they usually are. When someone is offering you guaranteed rates higher than normal, usually that is baloney……so buyer beware!

There have been more guys out there mostly under $1 Billion. It fact there are three people involved in a scam, with investors money losing everything and the guy is in Costa Rica now. Monies were raised in Alberta and BC, by a Wayne Boyd, for the so called Christian based fund that guaranteed seven per cent per month. It was called the Legacy Fund, run by Hal Mcleod and Dianne Sharon Rosiek. (The BCSC has caught up with their scam but cannot do anything.) They were offering to pay you 5-7% interest per month!!)

Here were some of his other scams…..



Where are they now? Where are the monies they raised? Who knows? One can only guess.

They worked and sold on the greed factor. Anyone who professes to be a Christian and then says “Trust me, I am a Man of God,” or “I work with religious Youths!” should ring alarm bells if they are asking for money. They are worse when they purport to be “Men or the Cloth!”

Madoff was no exception; he used his Jewish religion to rip off his friends including important Jewish Funds with tales of big returns. Scary!! Many of his friends have lost their life long savings to him because of their own greed.

Once religion enters an investment offering it is usually bound for failure. You let your guard down then boom! You get ripped off.

This is not new. Robert Vesco did this and ripped off over 220 million in 1970!!

Who do you think invented the name Ponzi? Yes, there was a real Mr. Ponzi!

Stay with something safe and secure that provides reasonable cash flow and normal type’s returns.

Greed should not apply here.

Ask my business partner Howard, he knows. He lives the life “da vida loca!!”
By the way he just shot a 75 in golf, and he just turned 65 years old.

Not bad, Howard.

Don’t forget to wish him a Happy Birthday; he’s in Tucson at 403-630-4544.

Richard Crenian

PS Did you hear what they call the Bank UBS now? (Used to Be Safe!) Ughh!

Friday, February 13, 2009

"Instant Classic Cars!" by Richard Crenian

Richard Crenian Blogs
February 13, 2009

“Instant Classic Cars?” by Richard Crenian

Who would have thought they your GM product of Chrysler Auto may end up being an instant classic car? Shocking isn’t it?

When you consider how much the cost of labor is for them vrs Toyota it makes you worried for them. I believe it is a culture of entitlement that pays you per hour versus what one produces that ends up getting one into that kind of trouble. I have friends that work for these plants, good hardworking people, solid to the core, who are stuck in a job with this culture.

In 1988 before the end of the Soviet Union, I visited a large bakery in Moscow.
I had heard at that time that the lineups for food were long and that the Muscovites couldn’t even get the basic staples and that selection and availability on the shelves were almost non existent.

Anticipating this, I visited this production bakery, but unfortunately it was the end of the day, and they were shutting down. They showed us their plant and I happened to peek out the back door (curious as ever) and was shocked to see so much bread being left outside on the grass.

I asked what and why that was, and they said they produce as much as they can daily and then whatever isn’t picked up is thrown outside the door for the birds.
So the workers worked their nine or ten hours, baked and left with no quotas just to make work. What was more surprising at that time was the Muscovites, most who made the equivalent of $15-$25 US per month, regardless whether they were Doctors or Laborers, were not being fed well and this wasted food was going to the birds literally.

Doesn’t this quite sound like our domestic car makers that production continued in spite of slow sales and now what?

Why does a Wal-Mart make money in recessionary times? They sell quality at good prices to the masses and the purchaser always knows he can go to Wal-Mart and get his basics, at the best price. Makes sense?

Cash flow quality investing is the same. You’ve worked hard for your money now you don’t want to blow it. Therefore you want safety and security in your investments.
Howard does just that. Call him in Tuscon at 4036304544 and ask him how many rounds of gold he has played in the past two days. Good for him. He turns 65 on the 17th of February!

Richard Crenian

Monday, February 9, 2009

"Of Speculators and Crazies!" by Richard Crenian

Richard Crenian Blogs
February 9, 2009

“Of Speculators and Crazies……”

The Donald was on Larry King the other night. I liked what he said (even though I am not too crazy about him).

He said that the government should not meddle in the cause of business, and that the government should allow banks to fail. I think he is right. If we believe in a free enterprise, and a capitalistic society then banks will fail, businesses will fail it is only natural? Why prop up the banks and then in the case of the USA, find out that the Executives paid themselves bonuses of $18 BILLION last year with tax payer’s money?

He said that if businesses fail, then maybe we can buy some cheap assets and make some money in the long run. Makes sense to me.

Here is why I don’t like some of his advice. Prior to the crash, the Donald was predicting that his condos would always go up in price. I never figured out why one would buy expensive condos unless you are going to live in them. If you speculate, does the rent cover your expenses? If it doesn’t when the crash in condos comes, (and it is here folks!) the true value of the condo is what you can rent it for and keep your head above water with the rental after expenses.

The Speculation was all driven by greed and I know that we have some of that in us. However in our portfolio did we set aside some money for cash flowing investments?

Howard? He is driving to Tucson as we speak, he drove from Calgary to Salt Lake City last night, and now will hit Arizona and the warmth today. Lucky guy, he will be on the golf course tomorrow I am sure. He turns 65 next week, and the smartest thing he did was to invest in our cash flowing assets. Ask him, he is at 403-630-4544 on his cell.

Richard Crenian

Thursday, February 5, 2009

"True Value" by Richard Crenian

Richard Crenian Blogs
February 5, 2009

“True Value”

I read yesterday that Calgary home sales are off.

The Calgary Herald reported that “The average sale price was $413,049, down 9.28 per cent from $455,297 a year ago. The average days on the market to sell a home was 62, up 24 per cent from 50 days last year. And the month-end inventory increased by 1.1 per cent to 4,040 this year from 3,997 a year ago. New listings during the month were 31.6 per cent less than a year ago at 2,068 compared with 3,023.”

Ok let’s analyze this for a second.
An average sale price in Calgary costs what?? $413,000? Are you kidding me? Isn’t that a little expensive for a city with an average sale price of a home in the year 2000 at $176,500??? (http://www.calgary.ca/docgallery/bu/cns/homelessness/trends_affordable_home_ownership_calgary.pdf)

You have to wonder how the news comes at you. The fact is that since 2000, the average price of a home in Calgary has increased 2.3 times. How ridiculous is that?

You wonder why? Guys were buying homes and flipping homes for $25,000 to $50,000 more within ninety days with a short supply in Calgary. So now the house prices are easing and supply is growing as the speculators are forced to sell as they don’t have the funds to carry the houses.

So in all this bad news what’s the good news?

Good news is as the speculators get out and house prices ease, more real home owners will get back into the market place, but this will take a while. So, if you bought or invested in land to build those large track of houses, you are kinda (how should I say this kindly?) “in a pickle.”

Land prices will obviously drop substantially if there is no demand. The land sellers of old that sold you their land prior to the “highs” are laughing, and you if you did buy or invest in land are stuck.

Not everyone bought land or invested in land. In tougher times you can’t get cash flow from non farming land, so I am sure we will see banks take action and foreclose on the existing high purchased land owners and investors now. (Sorry for the bad news).

How did we stay recession proof? Simple. Don’t be greedy, be patient and buy cash flowing product. Ask Howard if he is worried? He is going to Tucson to relax. His cash flow from our product is paying his way. 4036304544.

Richard Crenian

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"Imagine That!" by Richard Crenian

Richard Crenian Blogs

"Imagine That!." By Richard Crenian

Jan 27-09

GM, and Chrysler in Canada are looking for a bailout of $4 billion from the Feds in Canada and the Feds are saying OK, but first you need to BUT first GM Canada and Chrysler Canada you need to be more competitive and slash labour costs to “ahem”, match U.S. levels.

The Canadian Auto Workers, the Union that some of my hard working friends work for, say that they are going to fight it! My friends want to keep their jobs, but if they have their unions fight for more money, they know that we become less competitive and in the end, may lose their jobs. So what’s up with that?

The end run is they are to match those of the Japanese car makers in North America so that we can keep our jobs here and our economy flowing! No magic in that thinking.

According to the Wall Street Journal today the “U.S. home sales registered their biggest monthly jump in nearly seven years in December, as cratering prices began to draw out more buyers and several major housing markets showed some signs of stabilizing.”

Wow, houses are cheaper therefore we have more sales! Imagine that!!
My business partner Howard says that if things are cheap enough and they appear to be a good deal and have good value people will buy.

Meanwhile our biggest sermon has always been to keep your money safe, secure and growing without risk. Cash flow is King in these times. Ask Howard how he does it! 4036304544.

Richard Crenian

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"What, A Strange Recession?"

"What, a Recession?" By Richard Crenian
Jan 20-09

I traveled from Toronto to Calgary last night and couldn't believe how busy the Toronto (YYZ) airport was.....and the flight to Calgary (YYC) was absolutely jammed pack.
The irony was the flight cost was substantially more at $40 Oil today than it was at $120.....what gives? How can that be?
As I pretend I'm a fly on the wall I hear the talk of all these business deals starting to happen, and I spoke to my friend Donnie who lives in Florida. He tells me sales of homes are down and prices are depressed.
Don said that you would never know it when you go out and see all the restaurants full all the people about town, shopping up a storm in the popular shopping centers.
A room at two major hotels downtown Calgary if you can in on short notice, is $300-$400 a night!!
A car rental for a full size car with taxes during the week is $90 a day.
What the heck, if this is a recession, where is the doom and gloom, why is business being conducted and why are rooms, cars and flights so expensive?
Supply and demand?
If there is high demand and low supply that's a recession? I know I slept through a lot of my Economics classes in school, but logically it still doesn't make sense.
I'm told there is a major recession but look around.......restaurants, traffic, airports and shopping centers......are busy.
In Toronto those 70 per cent off signs have come off.
The 50 percent signs are for existing product.
In Calgary, with $40 oil, the same story with restaurants and shopping centers appearing full.
Ok so who is suffering?
Realtors, Home Stores, Car Dealers, non-basic retailers.
Note to self, when buying cash flow commercial products, avoid furniture and home stores, car dealers, leasing companies and realty companies.
Stick with bread and butter businesses. You read it here first.
Richard Crenian

Monday, January 19, 2009

"Retail In Canada-09" by Richard Crenian

Richard Crenian Blogs
January 19, 2009

“Retail in Canada-09”

We are truly blessed to be in Canada. The attitude that bigger is better in the USA is not always true. Look at what has happened in the States.
So much competition for the products to sell and when you don’t have a good month and good cash flow coming in you are toast! Just ask the airlines. They are only a few DAYS away from going bye bye!

We have seen Circuit City and Linens and Things go, in the US, and now who else?
We did see Winn Dixie the grocery store go bye as well earlier.
Why haven’t we seen any majors in Canada go the way of the Dinosaur.

Here is why retailers I think, in Canada will survive better than the USA.

Canada has about 14 square feet of retail space per capita, while in the U.S. that is approximately 30 square feet per capita.

That means there is twice as much retail space in the USA than there is in Canada.

That also means compared to the US, Canadian sales are twice as high per square foot than the US. If that is the case, it should be obvious that the Canadian retailers are more profitable in their space that they are in, and should be in a better spot to remain liquid when there is a full sales slowdown.

Apparently that according to some retail sales in Canada are the best statistic to monitor what is happening in Canada, since there has been only one year that there has been a decline in sales on an aggregate nominal basis, ……and that year was 1934!

So do I like retail space in Canada-yes! Do I see retail space in the US becoming a problem-yes. Canadian rents are still low and therefore there may be a potential upside to the landlords as rents renew.

Rents in Alberta still have a way to go up.

We have been focused on buying non-box centres because we believe that if the box centres have failures then it will take a lot of space away from the centres. Believing in Canadian retailers is our only option.

Call Howard, and ask him how the slush is in Calgary? 403 630 4544.

Richard Crenian

"On Being Responsible" by Richard Crenian

Richard Crenian Blogs
January 19, 2009

“On Being Responsible!”

It’s amazing being in Toronto. We had the “recessionary feel” in August 08, and the stores went nuts with their 70 per cent off items in November and everyone thought that the world was going to come to an end.

The doom and gloom in Toronto was felt by everyone since we are exposed to the financial malaise of Bay Street and all its effects. The Bay Streeters were losing their jobs, commissions were now halved and how were they going to keep making their payments when their million dollar salaries were now only $500,000.00.
Surely the world was going to end.

How do you afford two million plus houses, multiple leased cars, kids in private schools and two or more nannies?

Then there were the exotic vacations and the shopping sprees that they had to consider.
The world as we knew it in November was at the end and the Toronto that we knew was over and done with.

What happened since then? Yes house prices are off, the sales have stopped and reality has set in. So no more exotic vacations and endless shopping sprees, and that’s OK.
So you have to return a car or two and the extra nanny has gone. You have negotiated with the bank to reduce your house payment and the credit cards are not being used anymore. That is being responsible, and because of that we have survived, and will continue to do so.

Ahh, there is the rub. Toronto has become more responsible and since January the 1st you can feel the doom lifted and actually see the sun peeking through. Are we out of it yet? Probably not, but we have become more responsible and enjoying our lives and the quality it produces much more.

Perhaps the next boom will teach us all how to remain sane after all.

Richard Crenian

Sunday, January 11, 2009

"Naughty, naughty!"

Richard Crenian
January 9, 2009

“Naughty, naughty!”

From today’s Globe and Mail…….. “The bad news is that we are in a recession, and a fairly deep one at that. The good news is that the stock market has already discounted a depression,” said Jeff Rubin, CIBC World Markets chief economist and chief strategist.”

Thanks Jeff, tell us something we don’t know. Wait, Jeff are you saying that the stock market is a buy? Hmmmm……..Jeff read my blog on my New Year’s Resolution that I don’t trust the stock market anymore and that it is a gamble, and what you are saying, may be a gamble even though it may occur.

Let’s look…….Bernie Madoff? You are a bad man. You ripped off your friends, family, put their hard earned saved money in jeopardy and told everyone what a genius you were in the stock market. They believed you, and now they have lost their money and you Sir, go to jail! If you had stuck with hard assets, kicking off cash flow maybe, just maybe instead of jail, you could be golfing with Howard. But, you were too smart!
By the way even in Canada, (from the Globe again today)…………
“Biovail Corp. has agreed to pay a $5-million penalty and costs of $1.5-million to the Ontario Securities Commission after it admitted misleading investors in its financial disclosure.
Under the settlement, approved today by a panel of OSC commissioners, Biovail acknowledged that some of its financial filings in 2001, 2002 and 2003 were “inaccurate.” The Mississauga-based company also made false statements to the OSC during its investigation, the settlement says. The penalty is the largest ever imposed on a company by the OSC.”
Naughty, naughty……….

Richard Crenian