Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"I've Done it TOO!"

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December 17, 2008
“I’ve done it too………”

Ok so come clean, Richard. Did you ever invest a lousy deal?
Answer, yes even as recent as within the two years. That is why this Madoff $50 billion fraud, seems to be irking me.
Here is what happened: a friend told me he was investing in a scheme where they were going to get returns of 7% a month and it looked great. The guy was an offshore trader, and now if we got in we would be guaranteed rates of 5% a month, yes A MONTH!
Wow, I couldn’t believe it, it was too good to be true! (Beware rang the bells ringing at the back of my head.)
I would be given an ATM card that I could withdraw the funds monthly and I would be off to the races. So I did a very small amount, and of course it was a scam. IT was too good to be true, indeed!
Madoff with his $50 Billion fraud did the same thing, he stole from the people he loved, his friends, using his reputation and his honour, but when a wolf is in sheep’s clothing, the unsuspecting never knows.
I am happy getting 6 to 7 per cent a year, at least it is honest, and I know I can get appreciation down the road, and money is earned and working in the old and true fashioned way- those get rich schemes are just those, schemes.
That is why Howard and I believe in good quality commercial real estate, bricks and mortars with real people paying their rent! I have attached a previous blog below for you to read!
Howard is home to Calgary today, he and his wife are in for a shock with the cold weather! Call him and welcome him home, at 403 630 4344!

Richard Crenian

In the NEWS……
Cash Flow-What’s new?
By Richard Crenian
September 29, 2008
Wow…….someone was finally paying attention to what this old guy had to say.
Big news of course, Cash Flowing Products………” Didn’t I say that already?
That book I read once upon a time that asked the question “Where are the Investor’s Yachts?” says it all; the Stockbrokers, Mutual Fund guys and the like were all driving the fancy cars and living the life on your back.
As my partner Howard says to me, “It is all about cash flow.”
I was watching CBC TV yesterday, and saw Evan Solomon interview Financial Analysts who suggested we need to go into cash flow products… kidding. The big lesson here is to grow your cash slowly and win at the end. Leave the greed out of it and allow yourself to make more than inflation to grow your cash so that when you cannot work anymore you can enjoy your lifestyle without risk. The turtle looks pretty good now to win over the hare!
Whoops did the equity guys and stock and mutual funds salesman forget to tell you about exposure? It looked so easy to make money back then.
When I was in Asia the investors used to tell me how they were doubling their money in Shanghai every six months and when I went back later their voices were mute. Better off going to Las Vegas and playing the tables, at least if you lose you could have said that you had fun doing so and you could control how much you lost!
We live for another day!
The Turtle
Richard Crenian
From September 29th -08

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