Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"Instant Success!" by Richard Crenian

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May 5, 2009

“Instant Success”

It is always unusual when people look at other people who are successful are call them Instant Successes! I am always amazed by this quick rush to judgment.

My definition of instant success is “Years of Hard Work and Tears of Experience!”
We know how hard it is for us and long it takes to be successful.

What is success….ahhh that is another definition.

To me a success is a person that is a good and kind human being. Nothing short of that.
Everyone that you read about always associates people with money as successful. They could be the biggest donkeys, but because they have what other people define as money they are great guys.

Not true. I would rather hang with guys that are black and white, and tell it like it is than jerks that think that their pooh poohs don’t stink even though they do! Who would you like to hang out with? Who would you like your kids to be friends with?
It is so great to see my friends that are salt of the earth, and good human beings. Their families are the same with good intent and based on loving, hardwork ethics that will survive them the test of time.

Howard my partner has taught me lots. He is that kind of person. He is hard working, a great family man, and been fortunate in business. He believes, like me in the slow and steady safety of investment, so that his kids and family can be taken of. Call Howard and ask him how he does it. 866-668-7344.

Richard Crenian

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